Fotografie Projekt

In the " Under Water " I capture the nude male body . I compere the observation of the male body to the feeling underwater . There, we are guests for a moment in a non- natural enviromentand that means being in a new variable frequency. The water are forcing us to slow down and soften our movments . We could stay in this world as observers only briefly. For me, as a lesbian woman , looking at the male body is similer to underwater observation.
In this project, I create a screen that allows me to look at the male body through a sieve compassion , without passion or judgment and therefore not qualified . Male body , photographed as he lay in nature, declares his presence there and does not change the environment. Realized with confidence and simplicity but you can still compliant and responded to light, materiality earth , stone, foundations . All these , from my perspective behind the camera , taking a cue from the body and sexuality , allowing observation of the male body relaxed quiet photographed . Thorough observation of intimate body details even when they are exposed and visible sunlight, looking not threatened his manhood the object. The black - white allows an emotional and deep and liberating concrete context .
Equal photographed body weight, shape and mass of his body of nature. It shows subtle new and surprising , perhaps in response to blending in nature , as a woman's body knows to blend . Its power is still significant but stripped of the brutality.