Corporate events

Every event or conference has a unique nature and atmosphere. In my work, I try to capture this atmosphere and reflect it in the aesthetic of my event videography. My goal is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, regardless of age, sexual orientation, religion, race/ethnicity or other social categories. I believe that a sensitive and respectful approach can lead to emotionally-engaging results.

Roots journey videography

Embarking on a journey to discover your family's roots is a truly personal and powerful experience. As you discover the untold details of your family history, you will come face-to-face with your past and feel more connected to yourself and your loved ones. For some of us, this journey is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make sure this moment will be preserved not only in your mind and heart, but also on film. As a videographer, I can provide the opportunity to capture, sustain, and share these emotional moments and memories for generations to come. Having made dozens of films, I have had the pleasure of accompanying so many on their personal journey, documenting their life story or the story of a loved one.

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