My Two Polish Loves

Trailer My Two Polish Loves

Tali embarks on an intimate journey to Lodz, Poland, to retrace her personal roots and collective history. At the centre are her two Polish loves: her expatriate lover Magda, who begins filming the trip, and her late grandmother Silvia, a Holocaust survivor whose voice and memories accompany the couple on their quest. As they wander the streets of Lodz looking for long-forgotten street names, visit the ghetto where Silvia spent her youth, and search for a nearly buried tombstone, Tali and Magda discover surprising similarities in their shared Polish heritage. The documentary explores how memories of the Holocaust and war are lived, narrated and passed down by women from generation to generation. It also asks: Will future generations be interested in the history of the Holocaust if there are no longer any direct witnesses? How important is physical memory? And what is the role of the third generation?

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