• 29.6.2017

    My friend Sissy has finished her film QUEER, KUNST + UTOPIE which was screened at the Schwules Museum in Berlin + an artist talk.The film QUEER, KUNST + UTOPIE shows a variety  of 20 queer artists in berlin 2016. they share why they do art,  their topics & visions. also each artist shows their personal facette of what is queer. the question of being queer, acting queer &...

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  • 7.6.2017

    Last Saturday a friend invited me to her concert at Bei Ruth club in Berlin. So I took my camera for my own fun and for my friend to have some nice pictures of her and her band on stage. I ended up photographing three concerts and one performance in the same evening. It was a mixture of melodic + ska + hardcore punk night. I guess being behind my camera gave me a whole new way of being able...

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  • 12.5.2017

    Starting 2017 with a new fresh website, and looking forward for a very creative year! I invite you to check out my work in this wonderful new presentation :) 

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