Event Photography in Berlin


Last Saturday a friend invited me to her concert at Bei Ruth club in Berlin. So I took my camera for my own fun and for my friend to have some nice pictures of her and her band on stage. I ended up photographing three concerts and one performance in the same evening. It was a mixture of melodic + ska + hardcore punk night. I guess being behind my camera gave me a whole new way of being able to enjoy hard core punk!

I put the iso on 1600 and the apature was 2.8 - 4, wich gave me the chance to keep the shutter speed above 1/80. The light on the stage changed the whole time from cold to warm colors and I played with back light and side light to creat interesting pictures. I also liked a lot the stage as it was made d.i.y out of wooden palets and the reflaction on the wood created a special atmosphere.

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